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The Farm

Hardeman Orchards has operated as a working farm and commercial orchard since 1985, cultivating apples, peaches, plums, corn, pumpkins and hay for seasonal farm markets and Dutchess County fairground events.  As a small family-owned farm,  Hardeman Orchards has kept its rural character and local pick-your-own apple business in tribute to the agricultural heritage that has shaped the roots of the Hudson Valley as early as the Colonial era.

Hardeman Orchards is a budding new participant in upstate's growing agritourism industry.  In a region known for its scenic beauty, founding history and abundance of natural, cultural and creative resources,  Hardeman Orchards has transformed into a diverse venture that offers traditional U-Pick farm activities, live music in its event barn, and all the hospitality of an historic stone farmhouse rental.   


Hardeman Orchards is also an active partner with Scenic Hudson, a local environmental and advocacy nonprofit, aligning with their Hudson Valley Conservation Strategy.  Thanks to Scenic Hudson,  ​Hardeman Orchards leverages a conservation easement that designates it "forever" farmland.  This important agreement supports Scenic Hudson’s initiative to preserve and protect working farmland and open space, provide a secure alternative to the pressures of suburban development, and bolster farming as a viable business for generations to come.

Farm Market

September - Late October

U-Pick apples, pumpkins at the Farm.  Free hayrides!

Annual Events at the

Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Rhinebeck, New York


Rhinebeck Antique Car Show 


The Rhinebeck Crafts Festival

The Dutchess County Fair

Sheep and Wool Festival

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John Hardeman—the patriarch of  Hardeman Orchards, is not only known for his apple cider donuts, but also his great sense of humor, love of family vacations in the Adirondacks, his soft spot for dogs, and his pet cow, Lily (no offense to the chickens). 
Though John has carried on the family tradition of tending fields and fruit trees for over 50 years, his recent ambitions has allowed him the opportunity to pair his agricultural livelihood with his passion for LIVE music.  
John is an avid lover of all things music, from eclectic styles, to jammin sets, to the social following it creates!  And now, after opening  Hardeman Orchards as an event venue, he is excited to bring brilliant talent and a buzzing scene to his own stage. 
Come say "hi" to John!  You can't miss him out on the dance floor...  he's the tall guy, dancing the two-step.
John Hardeman
John Hardeman
 The man behind it all
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